Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pisang - Indonesias many Bananas

Pisang is Bahasa indonesia for Banana, and there are many many kinds.

The banana most like the Cavendish banana that graces the shelves of most Australian supermarkets is pisang Ambon. Long large and yellow.
However I've probably had enough of this kind of banana to last me a lifetime! Here are a few bananas you may encounter to whet your appetite..

Pisang hijau "green banana"

Also know in Balinese as Biu Gedeng.
As the name suggests it remains green when ripe.
This variety is regarded as being good for people with heart disease.

Pisang susu "milk banana"

A small sweet and creamy banana with very soft yellow skin when ripe. A true dessert banana.

Pisang Mas (Gold Banana)

Pisang Uli ( )
This banana is the best for pisang kukus, steamed bananas, although it can also be fried eaten ripe.

Pisang Tanduk (Horn Banana)

A frying banana or fir making Kolak Pisang^

Pisang Rajah

Pisang Ambon

Pisang Batu ( Bal: Biu batu) "Stone Banana"

A diploid banana, that means it is fertile and produces many hard seeds in the flesh. The flavor is nice but the seeds are tooth chippers! So in effect it's inedible.
The Balinese preserve many unusual crops and animals purely because of their ceremonial value, I will endeavour to find out if this banana is one of these.
In Ciputat, Banten Java, locals grow Pisang batu mainly to use the leaves for plates and wrappings for food. They occasionally eat the fruit despite the seeds as the flavour is sweet and delicious.
The plant itself is 3-4m tall with black stems much like the dessert banana variety "goldfinger"

Pisang Kepok/ Burung

Usually for feeding to pet birds but can also be steamed.

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