Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jeruk wani, a peculiar citron

A little up the forest path from my house is an elderly lady with a very peculiar citrus tree, a type of citron that I have never heard of before.
Jeruk wani Is named after another peculiar indigenous fruit tree, Wani (mangifera caesia), which is a large brown skinned soft white fleshed extremely aromatic mango.
Similar to the proper the Jeruk Wani, this citron style fruit is used in the popular salad snack rujak, a dish of sliced tart crisp fruit with a salty tamarind chilli dressing.
Now citrus make great juices, great to eat fresh, use as condiments and use the thin oily skin or zest as flavouring.
But this citrus is different.
This is the only citrus I've ever heard of being cultivated for the pith!
The fruit pulp is very small and the remainder of this large citron is solid slabs of a crisp bland pulp perfect for rujak.
The tree is large leaved and sparse ad expected of a citron.
I have never seen this in a market or any other garden yet
I look forward to finding out more about it next time I visit my village home

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