Friday, January 13, 2012

BANDUNG DAILY PHOTO: "Nyiru" and "Leunca"

There is a Sundanese fruit I've sometimes seen in markets called leunca
So far I'm not entirely sure of it's botanical identity. Web sources claim it as solanum nigrum but there are a few doubts in my mind when examining the fruits.
For a start they are quite large, large for most specimens of solanum nigrum I have ever seen. This species has many common names and a cosmopolitan distribution.
This blog discusses it a little and the comments by readers attest to the fondness some have for it.

BANDUNG DAILY PHOTO: "Nyiru" and "Leunca"

The author mentions American sources claiming solanum nigrum is toxic.Well it is, but it's not too ;) in the same way tomato leaves are toxic, as are green potatoes.
If this Plant is indeed solanum nigrum then it's yet another case of it's use as a vegetable.
In west Africa s nigrum leaves are boiled and eaten as a popular spinach.
Also in Papua new guinea where it's name is karakap. I was shown this by a Papuan lady at the diversity gardens community garden in townsvillle.

So... Is it or isn't it?and what does it taste like and how to use it
All questions to be answered soon!

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