Friday, January 13, 2012

Alang Alang grass

Alang Alang (Imperata cylindrica) is very interesting plant, a real Faustian entity
Its ranges widely over Asia and tropical and subtropical Australia and seems to go hand in hand with human impact on forests.
It's a weed, and a blessing. It chokes out land when forests are cleared and suppresses it's regrowth. The vietnamese are said to call it American grass because it took hold after their ecocidal aerial spraying campaigns to defoliate vietnamese forests.
It is highly flammable and regenerates after fire quickly.frequent burning allows it to outcompete other grasses and tree species.
Yet Blady grass, American grass, Kunai or Alang Alang is also extremely useful.
It does after all stop total soil erosion in damaged landscapes. It Also captures leachable nutrients and holds them in the ecosystem.
It supports whole communities in Papua who live and farm amongst the anthropogenic Kunai grasslands.
Alang Alang is the grass thatch of Asia and it was the primary means of putting a roof over ones head until very recently for millions of people.

This is however the first time ive ever seen it in a culinary situation..
And I don't know for what!! Yet

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